Soundscapes for Swallowville

Soundscapes for Swallowville

Soundscapes for Swallowville

It's all music all the time for BJ Pendleton. From mixing shows to writing songs, he has dedicated his life to the pursuit and creation of soul quenching music.

BJ is a truly good friend and one of my soul brothers. One of the things he has taught me is that "luck is for fools" and it's only through discipline of mind and action that you can achieve your goals. He is a beautiful positive insightful spirit, probably the hardest working man I know in music business and the best live sound engineer I have come across so far. He runs his own studio and a production company in Charlottesville, Virginia, works at two different theatres there, and on top of all of that travels the world as a production manager, live sound engineer and tour manager. 

During his long career he has been making sure that some of my favourite greats like Erykah Badu, Yasiin Bey, Robert Glasper, R+R=NOW, Gregory Porter and many more truly sound great during their live shows. He understands how to bring out the magic of the music of the artists whose live-shows he mixes. Supersonic healing sound-waves comes to mind if I have to give a description to what he so artfully accomplishes. However, when asked about what he does, he will tell you he is a "musician first" and all those other things second. 

Therefore, you can imagine how grateful I am that he will be creating soundscapes for Swallowville. Sometimes it's even a bit of a "collaboration". I record swallows, waves or other sounds I enjoy and he then creates the musical backdrop for the natural melodies that inspire me here in Šibenik.  


You can listen to his music here:

He is not much of a social media person, and no wonder - he really has no time for that, but if you would like to follow him, you can do so here:

or contact his production company through his website:


Thank you BJ for making Swallowville posts sound so great! :)