The story behind the Concrete JungleCat T-shirt

The story behind the Concrete JungleCat T-shirt

The story behind the Concrete JungleCat T-shirt

I haven't mentioned this before, but Atelier Swallowville is also a Stray Cats Social Club, as I like to call it.

There is Mu Al'Khemiya Nubia of Kali'El Even - her majesty that was found as a baby by my niece. Khemiya was almost starved to death covered in motor oil in a mechanic's trash in Zagreb - she has been my roomie for 5 years. She has magical powers, but that is a longer story...

Then there is Kiki, a cat that is around 15 years of age, that was left by her human some 10 years ago here in my neighbourhood. When I moved here last winter, she started coming in the evenings and I made her a safe space where she was protected from the extremely cold winds and rains we have here. She still sleeps in her bed on our terrace and comes for dinner every day.

A month ago a tiny little creature that should still have been with her mom, like Khemiya when she was found, came crying into my courtyard. Again - starved, dehydrated, full of fleas and in really bad shape. It was so hot, she would have not survived another day on her own, so obviously I had to take her in. She almost lost her life twice in the past month, because of the terrible condition she was in - she was already anorexic, not able to gain weight because of it, and with all the viruses and worms that were plaguing her - it was a fight for her life. Fortunately, we found an amazing human being - Dr. Mario at the veterinary clinic More here in Šibenik who gave all he could to save her life and she is now recovering and gaining weight, eating like a little gremlin and playing all the time. However, she still needs special food and nutrients and more veterinary care to get well. I named her Koko Cielo de la Kala - because she is like a little coconut that fell from heaven. "Kala" is what we call the little streets here in Dalmatia. 

With all the costs that have arisen with Koko's condition, I am not able to cover it financially anymore, so I decided to make a T-shirt in order to use the proceeds for all the vet costs and food that I need for my furry roomies and neighbours. Furthermore, the goal is to raise awareness for all the stray cats and their suffering on the streets in Croatia. There are so many who go hungry and are sick. Alone in my neighbourhood there are plenty more that I would love to be able to at least feed. 


The name for the T-shirt is a combination of one of my old nicknames given to me some time ago - JungleCat, and of the name of a song by Bob Marley "Concrete Jungle". The streets are a very dangerous place for cats, just like the meaning of Concrete Jungle. It is not seldom that I witness them being run over by cars or find very sick ones in need of urgent medical care, and that is what I hope to be able to help with as well if I can raise enough funds.

When I told my soul sister Fefe who also has cats and understands their energy about my need for donations and the idea for the T-shirt to raise the money I need to take care of Koko, she offered to help and make the design. Born from Mexican and Brazilian parents in Sao Paulo, world-renowned street artist Fefe Talavera's work serves as a metaphor for strong and subconscious human emotions like anger, fear, dreams and desire. The colourful beasts that she depicts celebrate her cultural roots and the stylistic freedom of the street art of her hometown. You can imagine how grateful I am to have a friend who is always ready to help. For the stray cats, she made a design that depicts their feeling of fighting for survival on the streets every day and night. 


You can view more of Fefe's work and order her art directly from her here:

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Please support us by purchasing this T-shirt or other products and help me help them. 



Much purrs, scratches and bites from the Stray Cats Social Club