Welcome to Swallowville,


an eco-friendly merchandise production, photo and fine-art poster printing atelier and agency for street art and culture based in Šibenik - offering artists, labels, festivals, organisations and companies in Croatia the possibility of a more sustainable option of textile merchandise products. 

I print solely on 100% organic cotton or recycled textile products. 


In the spirit of traditional Dalmatian culture of socialising and living on the streets of the city, Swallowville aims to create spaces for celebrating street life and the advancement of the
four street arts: music, dance, poetry and painting. 


I collaborate with other agencies, labels, production companies and venues in order to bring you intimate shows from these four expressions that inspire and heal the
hearts, minds, bodies and souls of city dwellers.


To further support artists I work with and love, Swallowville web shop rotates the offered limited edition collections, and I assist them in booking for Artist in Residence programs and live shows.




What’s in a name?


Swallows and humans have shared paths since time immemorial in an inseparable seasonal journey that kept us aware of the cyclical nature of life and living in harmony with our environment.

In the folk tradition of the Slavic peoples the swallow is considered a pure, sacred bird, which has female symbolism, and combines the heavenly and chthonic principle.

She has a spiritual, sacral meaning - the swallow symbolises the resurrection and a new beginning.

These birds are thought to communicate with the souls of the dead and reside in the stars. In Khemit (Ancient Egypt) the swallows were considered to be the imperishable stars. 

Seeing a swallow means hope to sailors, indicating that land is near and therefore representing
a safe return home.

In addition to the above, swallows symbolise happiness, love, courageous endeavours and change for the better. This bird is freedom in everything: in creativity, in work, in life. 

So, Swallowville is a place between heaven and earth where kindness and freedom come first.

It is where we love, create and live our ideals.

I invite you to set sail with us among the stars where our faith in a world more just never subsides…


Yours truly,

Lena aka CptnSwallow