The swallow is the convincing winner of the Bird of the Year election in 2021

The proverb says that one swallow does not make spring, but in these winter days the species of bird that builds its nests next to human habitations for more than 7,000 years has won the hearts of most voters. The swallow (Hirundo rustica) is a well-known and widespread species which, unfortunately, has been declining for many years due to a decrease in the number of flying insects it feeds on. The decline in the number of swallow prey is due to the increased use of pesticides in agriculture over the past fifty years, as well as frequent cases of destruction of their nests they often build in places that do not suit people.
In the first few days of online voting, which was open to the general public for the first time, there was an uncertain battle for the title of Bird of the Year between the swallow (Hirundo rustica) and the burdock (Burhinus oedicnemus), which even led for a time. But in the end, with 287 votes, the well-known and widespread species won.

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